BLACK CIRCUS by Gabriele Corbyons


Gabriele Corbyons, in più di 15 anni di attività nel settore moda ha sviluppato la sua vena artistica in diversi ambiti che vanno dallo styling alle consulenze di stile ed al design di collezioni, dimostrando cosi' di avere capacità estremamente versatili. Specializzato in celebrity-styling, Corbyons ha collaborato con diverse realtà di primo livello nel campo della moda e dell'editoria di settore. La sinergia tra Blackblessed e Corbyons ha dato vita ad una collezione in serie limitata composta da 5 look da sera, ispirata al mondo del circo, alla sua decadeza ed alla sua magia. Abiti lunghi in i tessuti fluidi si alternano a look di rottura che abbinano t-shirt con stampe originali a lunghe gonne da sera, un perfetto equilibrio di linee e materiali tra l'animo dark di Blackblessed e quello glam- couture di Gabriele Corbyons. ( VISIT WEBSITE )

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Baby K


Baby K is an urban artist and Italian female rapper that this year has won Italian MTV's " Best New Artist" award and has been protagonist of the charts with her album "Una Seria" she is now set in the Italian music scene proving to be the Alpha Female of italian rap and urban music.The Capsule Collection " ALFAGANG " is the result of the combustion of Baby K 's urban and hip hop style along with Blackblessed's dark monochromatic minimalism. Snapback caps , oversized unisex Tshirts that come in black and white with statement prints that declare to the world which is their "gang". Geometric details on the sleeves remind of the city streets signs with their contrasts, elements liked to the symbolism of the "gangs " are also present as details in the collection as the metropolitan bandana customized with BK lettering. ( VISIT WEBSITE )

Viola von Hell


The tattoo artist Roman Viola von Hell (Violeta Pilar Bea) was born in Rome in 1979. The curiosity of learning leads her to undertake studies articulated, from artsy to digital design, to movie special effects, but the urge to leave a permanent mark on the skin led her to choose how to route the Art of tattoos. Viola has revisited for us in this capsule collection, the figure of the goddess Kali. Her artistic contribution has influenced the style of the models made by us making them statement pieces that recall the strength of feminine energy. ( VISIT WEBSITE )

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Ivania Carpio


Ivania Carpio is the young creator of one of the most followed blogs of the web: Love Aesthetics, that in a few years has attracted the attention of both the fashion world insiders and addicts - thanks to the ingenious DIY posts and Statement Looks of Ivania, that made her become quickly an international fashion icon. The capsule collection designed for us shows the prevalence of white color, clean lines and contrasting monochrome, channeling the essence of Love Aesthetics style. Focussing on functionality and multi-functionality. Consisting of a "cocoon" jacket with internal equipped pockets and secret compartments, a pant-skirt and a minimalist convertible backpack - the mini capsule collection is presented with pictures taken exclusively for Blackblessed. ( VISIT WEBSITE )

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